Casarett & Doulls Essentials of Toxicology (2nd Edition)

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Klaas sen , Kazuo T. This protein interests toxicologists because it is thought that metallothionein protects against metal toxicity and possibly against oxidative stress.

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It is of interest to pharmacologists because modification of metallothionein levels might have a role in cancer chemotherapy. Nutritionists have an interest in this Klaas sen , Louis J. This authoritative reference is written by many distinguished professionals in the field, and offers clear, concise descriptions of the key concepts in toxicology. It is extensive and complete, covering a broad range of topics In addition, new contributions help to redefine the book's scope and coverage, and illuminate new and emerging areas of toxicologic interest.

True to the tradition of previous editions, the current work balances its broad coverage with a basic, fundamental, mechanistic approach to toxicology. Comprehensive and completely up to date, the new edition of Casarett and Doull's Toxicology remains your best source for the latest bre Klaas sen , Mary O.

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Amdur , Louis J. Klaas sen , Curti s D. Presented in full color for the first time, the book combines an accessible Watkins , Curti s D. Klaas sen , John Doull , Louis J. Fully page referenced to the classic text in the field, concepts are organized and presented in a logical progression from general principles to specific topics such as orga Casarett , Mary O.

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Schwinghammer , Cecily V. Published: July 14th Published: June 16th Joseph T. DiPiro , Robert L.

Talbert , Gary C. Yee , Gary R. Matzke , Barbara G.

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Wells , L. Michael Posey. Published: November 22nd Michael D.

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Katz , Kathryn R. Matthias , Marie A. Published: November 8th Shane P Desselle , David P. Zgarrick , Greg Alston , Leticia R. Published: May 19th Douglas Rollins , Donald Blumenthal.

Casarett & Doulls Toxicology

Published: December 8th Leonard G. Gomella , Steven A. Haist , Aimee G. Published: December 1st Published: October 21st Leon Shargel , Andrew B.

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Published: August 7th Curtis D. Klaassen , John B.

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