Constructive nonsmooth analysis

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Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, Facchinei, A. Fischer, C. Kanzow, and J. Optimization 40 , 19— Gao: Demyanov difference of two sets and optimality conditions of Lagrange multipliers type for constrained the quasidifferential optimization.

Exhausters, coexhausters and converters in nonsmooth analysis

Optimization Theory Appl. Gao: Newton methods for solving nonsmooth equations via a new subdifferential. Methods Oper. Hiriart-Urruty, C. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Li, N.

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Yamashita, and M. Outrata: Minimization of nonsmooth nonregular functions: Applications to discrete-time optimal control problems. Control Inf. Theory 13 , — Pang, D. Ralph: Piecewise smoothness, local invertibility, and parametric analysis of normal maps.

Mini Course - Flow of nonsmooth vector fields applications. Part I - Luigi Ambrosio - Class 1

Potra, L. Qi, and D. Sun: Secant methods for semismooth equations.

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Qi: Convergence analysis of some algorithms for solving nonsmooth equations. Replacement for ADJR 1.

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