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Case studies from two primary schools and one intermediate school. Documents The summary of the report contains a two page abstract of the aims of the research, the participants and the findings. Summary Report PDF Full Report Word KB.

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Full Report PDF The project has provided myself a greater understanding of utilising and adapting different styles of leadership theories when supporting change. Strategic leadership is vital in allowing change to occur".

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Even though the project focused primarily on a theory of leadership that was perceived to meet the needs of the project, I discovered through my own naivety, that the practical delivery of any given theory in a team, or individual, is not as easily delivered as I had originally anticipated. During the progress of the project, one individual in the team demonstrated difficulties in carrying out the tasks offered, difficulties in engaging with training and coaching that was being delivered to upskill their practical abilities and found it difficult to comprehend the reasons behind the need for the project to take place.

Although they had originally shown a great enthusiasm at the beginning, this enthusiasm strained greatly during the engagement process. I approached with an assumption that the action plan was clear and that the early years practitioners out of which, two out of three were, or had been, senior leaders in previous early years settings were experienced enough in their given role and that they would follow the plan accordingly.

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Struggle to adapt to change is normal and reflection and investigation into where it stems from is of great importance to ascertain the next step of support through leadership. Communication skills are vital for the success of the project and I had not recognised through my own delivery of leadership that the most senior leader of the group, would be the individual that would find change most difficult to engage with. I have come to critically reflect and understand that change had not been communicated by a justification of the chosen approach.

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Mintzberg expressed that the work of leaders involved the application of rationality, which I had originally overlooked, due to my own assumptions that other leaders understood the task in hand and how to go about implementing it. Historically, I would have responded to the most senior leader of the group with questionable doubt over the individual maturity level, where they find difficulty with being led by another leader i. I would also question their commitment to develop their own practice to provide better outcomes for children.

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  5. I would respond by offering the individual the opportunity to leave the project, allowing others to continue with little distraction. I would have previously been of the belief that the emotions of the individual would be the main and only catalyst for the resistance.

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    However, I had not researched enough into this and through reflection, discovered that this was my opinion and not fact based upon research. Oatley and Jenkins pp 82 suggest that emotions arise in our lives through the need to solve problems. I had not understood emotional intelligence EI , especially the first component of E.

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    Through previous work and at the start of this project, I had overlooked my own self-awareness which was crucial to understand the impact of change on the team. Kommersen 2. Breadcrumb Home. What came next?


    The value of culture. Gothenburg What came next? The value of culture in urban development In recent years, several projects on culture have been carried out within Mistra Urban Futures. Important role in urban development The two Kommersen projects are named after a flea market in Northern Masthugget. Celebrated film The projects have resulted in several reports that raise the issue of the role of culture in urban development. Share icons.