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In about just a few years, Jay-Z would become an icon in the history of hip-hop.

Jay-Z First Hip-Hop Artist To Become A Billionaire

The producer, songwriter entrepreneur, record executive and philanthropist is a major cultural influencer and today, we find out just how big his empire is. Jay-Z also happens to be the only hip-hop artist on the list and the fifth black billionaire in the U. His hits now clock close to 1 billion streams annually pic.

Jay-Z launched Roc Nation over a decade ago.

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It now represents some of the top stars in the entertainment firmament through its sports agency Kevin Durant, Todd Gurley as well as its record label and artist management arms Rihanna, J. Black Voices.

Champagne, cognac, Uber, music and more lead to 10 figures for mogul.

Old tweets showing two young Black men at a Chicago-based organization getting their hair cut for a "better life" sparked criticism on Twitter. By Kimberley Richards. Colin Kaepernick tweeted about capitalism and the oppression of Black people hours after the new program was announced. Critics question the rapper's social justice initiative with the league, pointing out that team owners blacklisted the former quarterback for protesting. By Amy Russo. MTV host Nessa Diab, who is in a relationship with the former 49ers quarterback, said the partnership gives her feelings of "disgust" and "disappointment.

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Carolina Panthers safety and activist Eric Reid joined a chorus of Twitter users questioning the partnership, calling it "disingenuous. Newsletter Sign Up. The follow-up album In My Lifetime, Vol. The next album, Vol. Jay-Z had a run in with the law in late , just before the studio release of his third album, Vol.

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  2. A new Jay-Z book by Michael Eric Dyson will honor hip-hop legend on his 50th birthday.
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  8. He believed that Rivera, a record executive, had bootlegged his Vol. Rivera responded in a hostile fashion, and Jay-Z went to speak with his friends about the situation, and how best to proceed. He allegedly had some of his friends cause a commotion, which he used as a distraction while he stabbed Rivera. Jay-Z surrendered to police the next night. But not long after, he plea bargained the charges down to a misdemeanor.

    He finally pled guilty and accepted a three-year probation sentence. I vowed to never allow myself to be in a situation like that again. Jay-Z's net worth, as of , according to Forbes magazine; he is the first hip-hop billionaire. In seven years after he started the Roc-A-Fella Records label, Jay-Z released seven albums that sold over 15 million copies.

    With his success in the music world cemented, Jay-Z began to diversify. The clothing line included shoes, accessories and casual wear for men, women, and children.

    In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

    Jay Z's other fashion and lifestyle brand investments include stakes in Carol's Daughter, a line of beauty products. And in , he purchased the Armand de Brignac champagne brand, which is known primarily for being sold in gold bottles. There is now a second location in the Atlanta airport. He also owned less than one-fifth of one percent of the Barclays Center, where the Nets play.

    Rapper Jay-Z Becomes Hip-Hop's First Billionaire | Voice of America - English

    He sold his stake in both the Nets and the Barclays Center in when he launched his own sports agency, Roc Nation Sports. Jay-Z resolved the situation by agreeing to become the president of Def Jam Records. In doing so, he sold his stake in Roc-A-Fella Records, negotiating the return of the master recordings of his own albums.

    Meanwhile, the public falling out between Jay-Z and Dash also resulted in changes to the corporate hierarchy at Rocawear. He also helped to revive Mariah Carey's career, and signed his former enemy Nas, whose first Def Jam album opened at the top of the charts. Jay-Z announced his departure from Def Jam in Under the deal, Jay-Z started Roc Nation, a record label, talent management agency and music publishing company.

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    Online file-sharing had weakened the music industry, and streaming music seemed poised to all but kill album sales. So what am I supposed to do, just sit here and wait to gets to zero before I do something?

    In response, Jay-Z struck a deal with Samsung to give Magna Carta Holy Grail to a million users of Samsung smartphones a full three days before it released to the general public. So I went out on my own and I made a deal. To me, if you're not with the changing times, you're irrelevant to me, we're gonna move on. We're not trying to trick the system, I wasn't looking for a No. In , Jay-Z purchased Aspiro, which operates a subscription music streaming service called Tidal. With a combination of lossless audio and high-definition music videos, Jay-Z hopes it will be a way to pay artists more for the music that listeners stream.

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    In June , Jay-Z released an album titled , which became his 14th No. Starting in , Jay-Z became involved in a number of philanthropic activities. In , it was revealed that Jay-Z had secretly set up a trust fund for the children of Sean Bell, who was shot to death by NYPD officers in a tragic incident in He is also said to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on bail for Ferguson, Missouri protesters after a police officer shot and killed teenager Michael Brown. He was reportedly asked by a New York judge why he ignored a previous SEC subpoena that had been issued in February