Lithuania ascending: a pagan empire within east-central Europe, 1295-1345

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Pagans celebrate midsummer's eve in Lithuania

Later in the 15th century people of that rank no longer wanted to risk their positions and accepted the rule. How is it that a young man from South England is so interested in pagan and Lithuania of the Middle Ages? When I was a student I studied the languages, literature and history of the Middle Ages.

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  • Lithuania Ascending;

I was interested in Old Russian history and the times of Ivan Kalita. When I was researching Latin texts I found out about Gediminas and his letters and what interested me was how he maneuvered in both the Latin and Russian worlds. When I started getting interested in Lithuania, it was completely forgotten in the West. It sounded like some country out of an American soap opera. Sort of like Moldova. You and your colleague were awarded the Lithuanian Science Prize for the said monograph on pagan Lithuania becoming a Christian state.

Was it worth delving into this topic? I personally liked that topic because I studied all of the necessary languages and I like to work like a rat in the archives even though on certain levels in Lithuania it was no longer the thing to do. When you read sometimes you find sources which at first sight seem innocuous. Is it important not to get lazy and search patiently for them?

You can search for months and not find anything. Have you been lucky? Sometimes times yes but only because I swim like a fish that sucks up everything form the river bed. When I found thirty lots of documents from Lithuania I needed to look through several hundred manuscript pages.

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For this reason that out of fifty books in 35 there is absolutely nothing that concerns Lithuania. In which languages do you research the archives? How long did it take you to learn Lithuanian which you read, speak and write? I do my research archives mostly in the Latin, German, Russian and sometimes in Polish. Yes I do write in Lithuanian but I need an editor there is lots that needs editing.

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After three months I needed to give lectures in Lithuanian as there was no other choice. Whether the students understood or not is another matter, — and here the doctor of humanities Stephen Rowell working at the Lithuanian Institute of History in the Department of the History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, laughed. We see an object of unclear origins in his elevated left hand that is decorated with wavy lines; in his right hand, the man is also holding something, however only a hole in the hand remains.

There is a vertical hole one and a half centimeters in diameter in the sculpture.

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The coronation of Mindaugas is viewed as the birth of the Lithuanian state, however we rarely consider whether we really understand what the title of king meant in the Europe of the time and who could legitimately pursue it. On the last weekend of August, the anniversary 20th edition of the festival will take place.

The organisers of the festival have also revealed guests from other countries. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Twitter Facebook. Home Society Lithuania sounded like some country out of an American soap opera — historian Rowell How Stephen becomes Stiopa or quickly becomes Rowell again. Next Seimas to ratify deal on status of US troops on fast-track basis. June 2, Gintautas Velius History 0. July 6, Media Briefing History 0. You may like traffix. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recommended Articles.

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