Research in Economic History, Volume 27

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Case and C. Ardington and A. Case Health Challenges Past and Future. Spears How much international variation in child height can sanitation explain? Pritchett, S. Samji, and J.

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Deaton and O. Dupriez Spatial price differences within large countries. Das, J. Hammer, and C. Deaton What does the empirical evidence tell us about the injustice of health inequalities? Dinkelman and V. Ranchhod Evidence on the impact of minimum wage laws in an informal sector: Domestic workers in South Africa. Deaton Instruments, randomization, and learning about development Journal of Economic Literature vol. Deaton Price indexes, inequality, and the measurement of world poverty American Economic Review , vol.

Explaining Zambian Poverty: A History of (Nonagriculture) Economic Policy Since Independence

Dupriez Purchasing power parity exchange rates for the global poor. Deaton and A. Deaton Instruments of development: randomization in the tropics, and the search for the elusive keys to economic development Proceedings of the British Academy, Lectures, Vol. Deaton, J. Fortson, and R. Deaton, C. Bozzoli, and C. Quintana-Domeque Adult height and childhood disease Demography , vol. Case, C. Paxson, and M.

Deaton, and J. Ardington, A. Case and V. Deaton Height, health, and inequality: the distribution of adult heights in India American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings , vol. Deaton Price trends in India and their implications for measuring poverty Economic and Political Weekly , vol. Case, D. Lee and C. Tarozzi and A. Bozzoli, A. Deaton and C. Paxson Stature and status: Height, ability, and labor market outcomes Journal of Political Economy , vol. Paxson and T. Cutler, A. Case, A. Menendez, C. Paxson and N.

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Case, V. Hosegood, and F. Deaton and V. Deaton Measuring Poverty. Friedman, and V. Case, I. Le Roux, and A. Banerjee, A. Deaton, E. Deaton Regional Poverty Estimates for India, Karlan Social Capital and Group Banking. Paxson, and J. International Journal of Production Research , Vol.

History of Technology Volume 27

Sanna Floris Cosseddu ; Sanna, E. Santos David ; Santos David, J.

Schebesta Lebzelter ; Schebesta, P. Schreider ; Schreider, E; Les variations raciales et sexuelles du tronc humain', L' Anthropologie, vol.

Economic History Explored Documentary

Jahrhunderts, Unpubl. Diploma Thesis Tuebingen compiling data mainly from Hiernaux's African Compilation, but including some additional title.

Ministerio del Interior. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shanklin ; Shanklin, William M. Shirokogoroff ; Shirokogoroff, S. Singh ; Singh, Raghbir; Somatometric study of the Punjabi Hindu Khatri male with special emphasis on growth cross-sectional and relationship between arm girth and body weigth measurements; Ed. Steckel Haurin ; Steckel, R. Stefancic Tomazo-Ravnik ; Stefancic, M. Physical Anthropometry of European Populations. Sukkar ; Sukkar, M. Human Biology ; - Susanne ; Susanne, C.

Talbot Mulhall ; Talbot, P. A Biometric Study in Statistical Method. Cambridge University Press. Thieme ; Thieme, Frederick P. Trevor ; Trevor, J.

History of Technology Volume 27 (History of Technology) Ian Inkster: Bloomsbury Academic

Twiesselmann ; Twiesselmann, F. Van Wieringen ; van Wieringen, J. Hausschildt Wagenseil ; Hausschildt, M. Zeitschrift Morph.

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Watanabe Kondo Matsunaga ; Watanabe, S. Chicago: U Chicago Press, pp. Wu ; Wu; How severe was the Great Depression? Evidence from the Pittburgh Region', in Komlos, J. Yoshida ; Yoshida; A statistical study on the physique of Japanese conscripts', J. Cattle per Capita [] Cropland per Capita [] Goats per Capita [] Pasture per Capita [] Pigs per Capita [] Sheep per Capita [] Total Cattle [] Total Cropland [] Total Number of Goats [] Total Number of Pigs [] Total Number of Sheep [] Total Pasture [] Composite Measure of Wellbeing [] Female life Expectancy at Birth [] Height [] Height Gini [] Infant Mortality [] Life Expectancy at Birth Total [] Male life Expectancy at Birth [] Total Population [] Total Urban Population [] Urbanization Ratio [] Biodiversity - naturalness [] CO2 Emissions per Capita [] SO2 Emissions per Capita [] Total CO2 Emissions [] Total SO2 Emissions [] Exchange Rates to UK Pound [] Exchange Rates to US Dollar [] Gold Standard [] Long-Term Government Bond Yield [] Gender-equal Inheritance [78] Gender Equality of Numeracy [] Gender Equality Years of Education [] Historical Gender Equality Index [] Sex Ratio [] Share of Women in Parliament [] Average Years of Education [] Book Titles per Capita [] Educational Inequality Gini Coefficient [] Numeracy Total [] Universities Founded [] Armed Conflicts Internal [] Armed Conflicts International [] Homicide Rates [] Latent Democracy Variable [] Political Competition [] Political Participation [] Polity2 Index [] Polyarchy [] Number of Days Lost in Labour Disputes [] Number of Labour Disputes [] Number of Workers Involved in Labour Disputes [] GDP per Capita [] Income Inequality [] Inflation [] Labourers Real Wage [] Aluminium Production [] Bauxite Production [] Copper Production [] Gold Production [] Iron Ore Production [] Lead Production [] Manganese Production [] Nickel Production [] Silver Production [] Tin Production [] Tungsten Production [] Zinc Production [] Burundi 15 Comoros 16 Djibouti 13 Eritrea 16 Ethiopia 2 6.

Kenya 18 Madagascar 18 Malawi 13 Mauritius 13 Mozambique 18 Rwanda 16 Seychelles 10 Somalia 18 South Sudan 2 9. Uganda 18 United Republic of Tanzania 18 Zambia 15 Zimbabwe 16 Angola 16 Cameroon 15 Central African Republic 15 Chad 14 Congo 15 Democratic Republic of the Congo 15 Equatorial Guinea 15 Gabon 15 Sao Tome and Principe 14 Algeria 18 Egypt 17 Libya 14 Morocco 18 Sudan 2 2. Tunisia 18 Western Sahara [No Data].

Botswana 15 Lesotho 15 Namibia 15 South Africa 14 Swaziland 15 Benin 16 Burkina Faso 16 Cabo Verde 6 Cote d'Ivoire 15 Gambia 15 Ghana 16 Guinea 15 Guinea-Bissau 16 Liberia 15 Mali 16 Mauritania 13 Niger 16 Nigeria 16 Saint Helena [No Data]. Senegal 16 Sierra Leone 15 Togo 15 Antigua and Barbuda 5 Bahamas 5 Barbados 5 British Virgin Islands [No Data]. Cayman Islands [No Data]. Cuba 8 Dominica 5 Dominican Republic 6 Grenada 5 Guadeloupe [No Data].

Haiti 6 Jamaica 6 Martinique [No Data]. Montserrat [No Data] Caribbean cont. Puerto Rico [No Data]. Saint Kitts and Nevis 5 Saint Lucia 5 Saint Martin French part [No Data]. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 5 Sint Maarten Dutch part [No Data]. Trinidad and Tobago 5 Turks and Caicos Islands [No Data]. Costa Rica 5 El Salvador 6 Guatemala 6 Honduras 6 Mexico 8 Nicaragua 8 Panama 8 Argentina 8 Bolivia Plurinational State of 8 Brazil 8 Chile 8 Yet the micro-level evidence on this topic is still limited.. Objective : This special collection of Demographic Research focuses on the issue of how economic and employment uncertainties relate to fertility and family dynamics in Europe..