Seventy Years of Issues: Historical Vocal 78 rpm Pressings from Original Masters 1931-2001

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Meanwhile, the Masters operates under one-year contracts; CBS has been the main television partner every year since The Masters is a professional invitational snooker tournament. Held every year since , it is the second-longest running tournament behind the World Championship.

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It is one of the Triple Crown events,[2] and although not a ranking event, it is regarded as one of the most prestigious tournaments on the circuit. The Masters began as an invitational event for 10 top players. The field was expanded to 12 competitors in , and 16 in Since , the standard invitees have been the top 16 players in the world rankings,[4] with the addition of two or three wild-card places in tournaments held between and Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the record for the most Masters titles, having won the tournament seven times.

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In , the Masters trophy was renamed the Paul Hunter Trophy in honour of the three-time champion. Station mistress at Padbury railway station The station master or stationmaster is the person in charge of a railway station, particularly in the United Kingdom and many other countries outside North America.

In the United Kingdom, where the term originated, it is now largely historical[1] or colloquial, with the contemporary term being station manager. However, the term station master remains current on many heritage railways, and also in many countries outside the United Kingdom, notably the extensive Indian Railways network. Historically a male occupation, women were sometimes appointed to the position, and the gender variation station mistress was sometimes employed in such cases.

In the United States the role is commonly termed station agent. The term was historically employed across stations of all sizes, leading to variat. The rivalry is the most prolific of the tennis Open Era. It is widely considered to be one of the greatest rivalries in tennis history by players, coaches, and pundits,[1] and was listed as the third greatest rivalry in the s decade in by ATPworldtour.

Of these matches, 15 have been in Grand Slams with Nadal leading 9—6. Of their 54 matches, 26 have been on hard courts, 24 have been on clay, and 4 have been on grass. Nadal leads on clay 17—7 , while Djokovic has the edge on hard courts They are tied on grass The first ever meeting between the two occurred at the French Open.

A property listed in the National Register, or located within a National Register Historic District, may qualify for tax incentives derived from the total value of expenses incurred in preserving the property. Of the more than one million properties on the National Register, 80, are listed individually.

The remainder are contributing resources within historic districts. The event features the International Section, a panorama of Greek films, the New Horizons program, the Balkan Survey, and numerous retrospectives and tributes to leading figures in the world of film. Since , the International Thessaloniki Film Festival has striven to present the most innovative independent films from around the world. Components of the Festival include: The International Competition section consists of new directors' first or s. Kortney Wilson, born February 8, as Kortney Galerno [1] was formerly a country music singer but gave up that career.

She is now a Nashville-based real estate professional, designer, TV presenter and also a partner, with husband Dave Wilson, in a business that flips buys, renovates and sells houses. Their projects are the basis of two reality television programs.

The Masters Tournament was the 83rd edition of the Masters Tournament and the first of golf's four major championships in , held between April 11 and 14 at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. It leaves him one shy of Jack Nicklaus' record six Masters win, and three short of his record eighteen major wins. At age 43 he became the second oldest winner, again only bettered by Nicklaus who won at age It was 11 years after his last major win, the U. Open, and 14 years since his last Masters win beating the previous record of 13 years held by Gary Player.

Due to the high profile of Woods, and his storied fall from the top of the game due to personal issues and injuries, the victory generated a large amount of publicity around the world, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. Novak Djokovic became the eighth male player in history to achieve the Career Grand Slam in singles. This is a list of the main career statistics of Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic. He was also a bronze medalist at the Beijing Olympics. Djokovic was first ranked world No.

From the Davis Cup final to the French Open, Djokovic had a 43—match win streak, placing him behind Guillermo Vilas 46 matches in and Ivan Lendl 44 matches from — on the all-time list. Fonotipia Records, or Dischi Fonotipia, was an Italian gramophone record label established in with a charter to record the art of leading opera singers and some other celebrity musicians, chiefly violinists. Fonotipia continued to operate into the electrical recording era, which commenced in —26, by which time the company had been absorbed into Odeon records.

The records made by Fonotipia are prized by collectors and musicologists for their high technical quality, and for the high artistic merit and interest of much of what was captured for posterity. The Fonotipia catalogues were reconstructed, so far as then possible, by the discophiles J. Bennett and James Dennis in , and published in a limited edition.

Fifty years later, a complete discography with accurate recording-session dates was compiled and made available to the public, following the rediscovery of key company documents. Fonotipia is not to be confused with the Phonotype record label which was active for part of the same period. Mary Masters ? Contemporary evaluations stress her contribution to the evolving model of women in society, both by her publishing her work, and by the themes and opinions in that work. Biography Mary Masters, thought to have been born in in Otley, West Yorkshire[1] was — by her own insistence — a self-taught poet of humble birth: the preface to her first collection reads:[2] The Author of the following Poems never read a Treatise of Rhetorick, or an Art of Poetry, nor was ever taught her English Grammar.

Her Education rose no higher than the Spelling-Book, or the Writing-Master: her Genius to Poetry was always brow-beat and discountenanced by her Parents, and till her Merit got the better of her Fortune, she was shut out from all Commerce with the more knowing and polite Part of the World. Despite this, she seems to have been known to many of th.

Rafael Nadal This is a list of the main career statistics of professional tennis player Rafael Nadal. Nadal also won the Davis Cup 4 times for Spain in , , and At the international level, he won the edition of the Laver Cup with Team Europe.

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Historic achievements Nadal has been the most successful player in history on clay courts. He has a 59—8 record in clay court tournament finals and has lost only twice in best-of-five-set matches on clay. Jago Cooper born 1 June is a British archaeologist and the Curator of the Americas at the British Museum whose career has focused on the archaeology of South America and the Caribbean, in particular the historic effects of climate change on island communities. Cooper's archaeological work has focused on the pre-Columbian archaeology of the Americas, including major projects at El C.

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He was sent to be educated in England, at Shrewsbury School and Oriel College, Oxford, where he graduated in with a first class degree in English. Biography Mikhail Mikhaylovich Ivanov was born in Moscow in He lived the next six years of his life in Rome, where he associated with Franz Liszt and his pupils and studied with Giovanni Sgambati. Many of his compositions were performed, but not published. Pepin celebrates her life every September with traditional music, craft demonstrations, a "Laura look-alike" contest, a spelling bee, and other events.

Independence, Kansas Independence, Kansas, is the location where the Ingalls family settled on the Osage Diminished Reserve from to , and was at the center of the plot of the book, Little House on the Prairie. Within a year of settling, the government required the family to vacate, and they never returned. Laura had always heard from her family that the home was "40 miles [64 km] from Independence", which would have put the house approximately where the town of Nowata, Oklahoma, is today.

It was, in. Nick Padmore is a British Racing Driver. Retrieved Nick Padmore Racing. External links Official website. Elemental Masters is a fantasy series by American writer Mercedes Lackey, taking place on an alternate Earth where magic exists.

Seventy Years of Issues: Historical Vocal 78 rpm Pressings from Original Masters 1931-2001

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Seventy Years of Issues: Historical Vocal 78 rpm Pressings from Original Masters 1931-2001

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