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On the other hand, because Hong Kong has limited natural resources, it imports almost everything from food to raw materials.

This might sound a bit discouraging to budding industry titans, but remember that Hong Kong imposes no tariffs on imported goods save for four: hydrocarbon oil, hard alcohol, methyl alcohol, and tobacco. Considering the high crime rate in many parts of Mexico, not very many investors would immediately jump onto the idea of starting a business there. However, despite these challenges, Mexico still presents one of the best possible destinations in which to start a business. This is mostly thanks to the extensive business registration reforms that have taken place in the country.

These reforms have largely led to the increased registration of businesses overall. It is now much easier to register and start a business in Mexico. It only takes about eight days to have your business up and legally running in the country. Couple that with the fact that it has a ready and willing labor force that is considered affordable when compared to other countries in this list and you have Mexico as a wonderful destination overall.

It also has free trade agreements with 46 different nations thus opening enormous potential markets for any investors willing to take part in the large manufacturing-oriented economy. With an unemployment rate of only 3. It has a highly skilled workforce that is ready and willing to work although it may not be as affordable as it is in other countries on this list.

The country benefits from a highly developed service sector plus a manufacturing industry that has specialized in high-technology and knowledge-based production. Apart from the excellent numbers indicating economic growth and prowess, Switzerland also has other factors that make it an attractive destination for starting a business. Even though the Great White North has high living standards, the country has made impressive gains when it comes to its manufacturing, service and mining sectors.

These gains have greatly helped to transform the nation from a largely rural economy into one that is primarily urban and industrialized. It also has a huge oil and natural gas sector ranking it third in the world in oil reserves behind Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Canada enjoys extremely balanced bilateral trade with the US which opens up a huge market for business investors looking to tap into the US through Canada. The country has a very stable political climate, excellent health care, and a substantially skilled labor force. All of these make it a lucrative destination for business investors looking to take advantage of the service or industrial sector.

This small, trade-dependent nation has a strong economy that has gone through the ringer in recent times but has come out stronger for it. After officially exiting the EU-IMF bailout program that saw Ireland stabilize its economy through the economic crisis of , the country has seen rapid economic growth.

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As such, the government has increased public spending and drastically lowered some taxes which is good news for business owners. Since the collapse of the construction sector thanks to the same economic crisis Ireland has become increasingly dependent on exports for economic growth. This makes it one of the best destinations for any business owner looking to set up a manufacturing company geared towards export-goods production.

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But the biggest selling point for this country is that it has a huge, highly-skilled and highly-educated labor force. Although this labor force is not as affordable as is the case in many countries on this list, there are many positives Germany offers. But despite all that, the economy suffers from low levels of investment which makes it a ready and ripe market for foreign investors willing to take on the wages commanded by the available labor force.

As a member of the EU, Germany enjoys strict standards of manufacturing and production. Starting a business there will not only give you a chance to exploit the largely well-funded markets in the EU, but it will also give you an opportunity to raise your standards of production. Standardized across the board, this will give your brand a highly competitive edge in the global market.

Depending upon how you define them, there are approximately countries in the world.

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Where else should you look to start a new business? Political and economic stability are some of the things that make these countries the best to start a business in. They also largely have excellent governance with favorable policies that are not only welcoming to business investment but actually encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. This, coupled with the availability of disposable income for the locals as well as favorable trade agreements with other, equally large markets in their regions, make them perfect for business investment.

Just as there are countries in this world that are highly favorable for business investments, there are countries that simply do not encourage this sort of thing. Many of these countries are mired in:. And to top it all off, many of them have a largely unskilled labor force despite the fact that it is affordable. With that in mind, here are some of the worst countries to start a business in.

Why European Small Businesses Are Concerned for Their Financial Future

The problem with Chad is that it is landlocked and almost everything has to be imported thus resulting in excessive costs of transportation and an unhealthy dependency on neighbors. Another major issue is that, although oil is one of their biggest commercial commodities, almost the entire country is serviced by one refinery which often breaks down and results in shortages and frequent business stoppages.

Small Companies Thinking Big - Made in Germany

The available labor force, although affordable to the point of being cheap, is unskilled and largely uneducated. Apart from the above highlighted abysmal economic indicator numbers, other issues are plaguing Chad, making it one of the worst countries in the world to start a business. These issues include:. It remains a high debt risk country with extremely elevated levels of corruption, very little skilled labor and inadequate infrastructure.

Starting a business here, although possible, will be frustrating at best.

Small Business Act for Europe - Wikipedia

The "Think Small First" principle puts SMEs on the focus of attention by investigating their needs before introducing new laws and legislations that may have a major impact on their operations. By moving SMEs to centre stage, the "Think Smart First" principle enables national governments to introduce effective legislation and customized rules that benefit the SMEs. In addition, since July , the principle launched simplified VAT invoicing rules by capitalizing on e-invoicing technology, thus reducing cash flow drawbacks faced by certain small and medium-sized enterprises.

Even before the EU economic crisis, it wasn't easy for the SMEs to get financial assistance for growth or innovation. Innovation is a great way for small and medium-sized enterprises to expand within the EU or enter the emerging markets through cutting-edge branding strategies. In October , the EU launched the "Innovation Union" plan with a focus on innovation strategies to anticipate major challenges of our era, including climate change and energy efficiency, and alter the way enterprises develop and assimilate solutions for these challenges into our lives.

In addition, the "Innovation Union" plan seeks to eliminate any barriers related to limited venture capital and market fragmentation. The European market is actually big with over half a billion consumers. Yet, the SMEs seem to lack the motivation to expand their marketing focus beyond their national borders. The set of featured measures under the Single Market Act allow member states to resolve any national differences in the way of doing business and to bridge the gap on market opportunities by capitalizing on new business models and a less bureaucratic environment that leaves more room for potential growth.

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