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Version 2. The Verb 'to be' 9 2.

The Verb 'to have' 17 4. English Tenses Active 21 5. The Simple Forms 23 5. The Continuous Forms 36 6. Talking about the Future 50 7. The Perfect Forms 58 8. The Perfect Continuous Forms 76 9.

Revision on Tenses 87 Definition 95 2. Revision 8. Formation of the Passive Voice 2. Revision 4. General Rules 2. Revision 3. Indirect Statement 2. Indirect Command and Request 3. Indirect Questions 3. Reporting a Dialogue or a Conversation 5. Conditional Sentences 1. Making a Wish 3. Formation of Nouns 2. Classification of Nouns 3.

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The Category of Number 4. The Category of Case 5. Use of Articles with Common Nouns 1. Use of Articles with Proper Nouns 3. Special Difficulties in the Use of Articles 4. Use of Articles in Some Set Expressions 6. Classification of Pronouns 1. Formation of Adjectives 2.

Word Order: Adjective Noun 3. The Comparison of Adjectives 4. Definition, Forms and Place 2. Classification of Adverbs 2.

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The Gerund 1. The Infinitive 2. The Participle 3. Definition 2.

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Prepositions of Place 2. Prepositions of Direction 4. Some Prepositions Confused 5. Revision 6. Prepositions with Forms of Transport 7.

The Prepositions of Time 7. Prepositions Expressing Abstract Relations 8. Composite Prepositions Revision Use of Prepositions in Set Expressions The Compound Sentence 2. The Complex Sentence 2.

Subject Clauses 2. Your satisfaction is important to us and we value your trust.

Sonata in G major - K304/P492/L88 Sheet Music by Domenico Scarlatti

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