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Interested in contributing? Diabetologia publishes original clinical and experimental research within the field of diabetes. Diapedia is created by Driebit, Amsterdam. Home News About Get involved Log in. This is likely to become more widespread Introduction Diabetes mellitus is a disease of antiquity see Chapter 1.

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A treat- ment was described in the Ebers papyrus and as long ago as bc two main types were distinguished. Perhaps the most famous description was by Arateus the Cappadocian who talked of the melting down of fl esh into urine and of the end being speedy. Over the ensuing centuries sporadic descriptions were noted, with Maimonides in Egypt pointing out its relative rarity. It was attrib- uted to a salt - losing state although the sweetness of the urine had long been known.

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  8. Diabetes was better recognized in the 17th and 18th centuries, with the association with obesity noted in some cases. The obvious breakthrough came in the 17th century with the demon- stration of excess glucose in the urine and later also in blood.

    The presence of excess ketones was shown in the 19th century. A clear description of the two main types of diabetes appeared at the end of the 19th century, with the distinction being made between that occurring in young people with a short time course before ketoacidosis supervened, and that found in older people who were obese. Over the next decades these became known as juvenile - onset diabetes and maturity - onset diabetes, although it was generally stated that the latter was just a milder form of the disease.

    Diagnosis now depended on glucose measurement with some using glucose tolerance tests.


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    There were no standard cri- teria for these initially, although glucose levels were clearly above normal. Diagnosis usually occurred after clinical development of the disease with the combination of symptoms with raised glucose in the blood or glycosuria being diagnostic, together with ketonu- ria in the juvenile - onset form.

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    It is an excellent reference book and a highly authoritative tome on an increasingly common condition. For iPhone and iPad For Android devices.

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