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They will help you locate new suppliers, and look for the best manufacturers to manufacture your products. They will help in the contract negotiation with the suppliers and help draft agreements when the terms have been agreed upon. The sourcing agent on the ground will help you manage the whole shipping and logistics process. A sourcing company, on the other hand, will do what a sourcing agent will do, but their own service is in a more efficient and effective scale.

They help you source products and handle all the issues that come with the overall sourcing process, from logistics to quality control, products testing, negotiation, and the importation to your home country. Make sure you can source from China successfully. Sending emails to your supplier frequently will reduce your working efficiency. But your sourcing agent will help you in the communication process with the supplier and take you less time to settle an order.

You will avoid problems like scams, getting low-quality products, or getting overall defective products. A sourcing agent will help reduce all these risks. A sourcing company is an important partner in your China sourcing process.

Some sourcing companies will also leave a bad experience in your head and wish you never thought about China in the first place. This section of the article will list the top sourcing companies in China you can work with, they will help smoothen your sourcing experience. They are great for companies that are just starting up with Amazon selling or e-commerce business. This sourcing company specializes in sourcing for large companies, engineering firms, and e-commerce stores. Just tell us what you need, and we will help ship your products to your warehouse at lightning speed. Our advice will surely help your business turn out better.

Recommended for small and medium companies. This sourcing company offers services to small and medium companies. This company is recommended for small and medium scale European companies who want to source products from China.

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Recommended for medium and small business from Australia. It sources and produces non-consumer goods for brand owners.


Former CIA Agent Pleads Guilty to Spying for China

Recommended for brand owners. They offer you the full services a sourcing company provides. Product testing, quality control, price negotiations, etc. Recommended for newbie Amazon sellers, and small businesses. Great for quality control, and logistics. Recommended for new Amazon sellers.

They help in sourcing products, and quality control. Recommended for medium and large scale companies. They help provide solutions in the development chain of your products.

Use our trusted agents to build revenue. Invest in a strong future for your business. With over 15 years of experience in procurement, we are experts in sourcing and purchasing projects in China. Our experience encompasses a wide range of domains, from highly technical fields to fast moving consumer goods. Our know-how lies in a network of partners and experts, spread all over the Chinese territory. Furthermore, over the years, we have worked on very specific subjects such as sourcing, selection of vendors, product development and design, quality management and compliance, price negotiation and supply chain management.

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Based on this in-depth experience, we offer a comprehensive assistance for your project, custom made to your needs. Our methodology is threefold: diagnosis, strategy and delivery of results. Definition of strategy. Because preparation is fundamental to the outcome of a good negotiation we work each project in depth.

Former CIA Agent on Huawei and the Chinese Government

Our team shortlists vendors according to your technical requirements, performs an analysis on the cost breakdown of your products, conducts a throughout search for alternative suppliers. This phase is critical to ensure we deliver best in class results. After the research and selection of suppliers, we assist you during the negotiations, we are instrumental in delivering the best possible deal on the table.

We negotiate the purchasing price, the exclusivity and other favorable terms that you need. And because a good relationship with your vendors and partners is so critical to the future of your business, we assist you to develop a strong relationship with your vendors. The Chinese market is highly attractive, as well as highly competitive.

What is my target? How can I reach it? Where should I launch my product? And many more questions. Thanks to a rigorous methodology, Avantagents has helped many SMEs and large companies to successfully launch themselves on the Chinese market, within an agreed budget thus avoiding superfluous investments. We assist you in developing your distributor network, in the set-up of an external structure for importation, distribution and local billing. We offer a comprehensive assistance in your project, depending on your needs.

Is there a market for your product in China?

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Firstly, we need to determine the scope of the market and your position, current or potential. We conduct a market study: analysis of the regulation, the distribution channels, the key players, the potential partners and competitors. Simultaneously, we will analyze the state of your internal organization and distribution strategy. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market, of your Company and of your offering, we help define the best strategy and your business model with you.

Our team shortlists clients and distributors according to your requirements, we conducts a throughout search for alternative distribution channels and partners.

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  • After the research and selection of partners, we assist you during the negotiations, we are instrumental in delivering the best possible deal on the table. We negotiate the selling price, exclusivity and other favorable terms in the contract you need.

    ICEF China Education Agent Course (CEAC) - ICEF

    And because a good relationship with your partners is so critical to the future of your business, we assist you to develop a strong relationship with your partners. Finally, in order to make your project sustainable in China and to further develop it, you need to adopt specific tools to keep a local presence. We assist you to set-up your local commercial team. We bring you our best experts.

    We also make optimization tools available for companies that are already in China. Our client receives funds to increase their growth, secure their development in China and structure the partnership which will bring them both market and competitive advantages. Fund Raising. We assist our clients in identifying and negotiating a financial, industrial, or commercial partnership with a competent Chinese actor. In these projects, we support our client in the identification of a target corresponding to their need, and then in all the steps of negotiations pre-due diligence, valuation, negotiation, LOI, closing but also in the management of the post-acquisition changes.

    We give you the upper hand in China. With a team of experts on hand, we can offer sustainable solutions and support clients in a wide range of business sectors. Our clients range from small and medium size enterprises to large corporate groups and cover a broad spectrum of industries:.

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    We create value by reducing cost, increasing sales and saving time. What we do. We listen. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site.


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