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This one word describes the juxtaposition of two authors corroborating on one novel. I don't know how much Vince completed while writing The Survivor before his tragic passing, but Kyle Mills certainly wove his style into Vince's so that it's impossible to say who wrote what. Kyle, it was amazing and you should be so proud!

I am not disappointed in any way and look forward to reading more! Kyle Mills did his friend proud. Rest easy Vince, it is done!

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Mitch Rapp faces an unprecedented bioterrorism plot in Lethal Agent, available from all major retailers on September Each month we feature a fan email. This month a question on Twitter leads to an amazing interaction. Each month, two books will be given away and there are only two ways to enter. Whether you are on vacation, serving your country, or at home by the fire, we want to know where you are reading the Mitch Rapp saga.

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It sends carers important alerts and updates direct from our Survivor Watch. For employers looking to enhance their staff's wellbeing, the Survivor Watch reduces the safety risks to mobile employees, shift workers and lone workers.

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The Survivor Watch helps reduce financial risk and associated costs to your business by utilising the technology that is available through the Survivor Watch. On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. Protecting survivors of this heinous crime since Like Police, Emergency Services and Youth Justice, Child Protection is 'front line' work that is highly complex and requires specialist skills.

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Eligible children may also be SBP beneficiaries, either alone or added to spouse coverage. In the latter case, the children receive benefits only if the spouse dies or otherwise becomes ineligible to receive the annuity.

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Eligible children equally divide a benefit that is 55 percent of the member's elected base amount. Child coverage is relatively inexpensive because children get benefits only while they are considered eligible dependents. Coverage is also available for a former spouse or, if the retiree has no spouse or children, for an "insurable interest" such as a business partner or parent. We buy it to protect ourselves from the financial hardships of events we can't foresee, like car accidents and house fires. It protects our valuable assets.

Retired pay is a valuable asset.

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Since it stops when a retiree dies and no one can foresee when that will be, it may be useful to protect it. SBP is a way to do this; it is similar to life insurance. However, SBP premiums and benefits differ from those of most insurance plans. Similar to life insurance, SBP protects survivors against a loss of financial security upon the death of a retired member.


But, SBP does more! It also protects the survivor against the possibility of outliving the benefit. Many insurance plans pay a fixed benefit that may run out years before the survivor dies. In addition to long life, another unpredictable reason a survivor may outlive the benefits is inflation! Inflation may be the biggest financial uncertainty of all.

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It erodes the value of fixed incomes, making them worth less and less as time goes by. Few, if any, private insurance plans will fully insure a survivor against inflation. In fact, no known insurance company has guaranteed to match SBP benefits at equal cost or less. One reason is that SBP premiums have a built-in discount in the form of the government paying a significant portion of the premiums and all program operating costs , making the Plan a good buy for most people.