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Brynn McNair. Conall O'Rourke. Kay Stanley. Thorn MacKenzie. Kim Vaughn. Kristin Hughes. Donna Nolan. Gerry Kavanagh.

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Cinn Airmid. How do series work? Helpers Maebnus 10 , GwynethM 5 , keepers 3 , bismarckfairy 1. Series: Castle of Dark Dreams Series by cover 1—8 of 11 next show all.

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Color Me Wicked by Nina Bangs. Wicked Nights by Nina Bangs. Wicked Pleasure by Nina Bangs. I finished this book last night and usually I rush right to the computer to do my review but with Wicked Edge I found myself staring at the cover trying to figure out how I felt about everything I just read Now ten hours later I can honestly say I liked the book but I didn t love it I also struggled with grading this book because it s not a horrible book but there were times when it got very slow and I had a hard time wanting to keep reading.

Passion and Edge are good characters but I don t love either of them and I certainly wouldn t want to read another book with them as the main characters I felt like there was too much time spent on them dancing around their attraction for each other and they kept repeating over and over why they can t be together They are both horrible at communicating and that really drove me crazy because they both spent way to much of my time being upset over something stupid instead of having an adult conversation or just being honest.

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The best parts of the book are when all of the side characters like Sparkle, Murmur and Ganymede are around These three characters saved the book in my opinion and provided all of the humor and real entertainment Sparkle and Ganymede are hilarious together and apart and if they have their own book I will read it in a heart beat Murmur is a demon who loves to dance hilarious and his book is the next in the series so I will defiantly be reading it just for him. There was a lot going on in this book and I felt that there was almost too much going on at times I felt that the book could have been shorter or not have drawn out so many parts As the fifth book in the series I was pleasantly surprised that I could jump right in and not feel lost at all I did really enjoy most of this book and am hoping that with a different hero and heroine I will enjoy my time at the Castle of Dark Dreams a little flag Like see review Mar 27, Marina rated it really liked it Shelves fiction, paranormal, romance, nina bangs Found this beauty at the library.

I thought this series was finished. I really wanted Now I am thrilled to learn there is.

This is so exciting I devoured the book of course It was delicious I can t wait to read the next one Great characterization and awesome chemistry between characters Loved loved the new characters and back stories Never want this series to end SpoilerNote to sel Found this beauty at the library. At the Castle of Dark Dreams , she meets Edge, the Bringer of Death, posing as an evil demon At once, Passion knows that he s unredeemable But that doesn t stop her from wanting to embrace the wickedness that shines in his amber eyes Not good if The blackness surrounding his soul will make her mission difficult As an Angel, Passion is charged with redirecting misguided souls But due to her antics in Heaven she is sent to earth as a human and can not return until her mission is complete.

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Anne Gracie. Meljean Brook.

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Goddesses kick butt when you tick them off--Conall O'Rourke learned this the hard way after killing an Irish deity's favorite in battle. His punishment? He's cursed to protect Kavanagh descendants down to the last arrogant jerk. Now there's only one left, and Conall thirsts to claim his freedom after centuries of servitude. But who knew the remaining Kavanagh would be so beautiful